• Never Neglect Your Feet

    Foot painWhile every part of your body is important, your feet require special attention. Your feet alone can say a great deal about how healthy (or unhealthy) you are, so you should never underestimate any affliction or damage that may be inflicted on your feet.

    Your feet reveal your body’s current condition. Many symptoms of various diseases manifest themselves in our feet. For instance, having cold feet (a condition most of us have probably experienced at least once in our lives) does not only reveal how nervous we are, but could also be a warning sign of a more serious cardiovascular complication like poor circulation.

    Pain in the feet is often dismissed by people as being caused by poorly fitting footwear or lack of exercise exercise. But did you know that it could also be a telltale sign of major complications like bone fracture and osteoporosis? Physical manifestations of stress also commonly occur in people’s feet. And not to mention, arthritis and other dreaded joint-pain disorders.

    As you can see, your feet serve a purpose that is not limited to helping you walk or maintain your balance. Pay attention to what they are telling you, for it could very well alert you to a major disease that could turn severe or even life-threatening if not treated immediately.

    Knowing how our feet exhibit our general well-being should be enough to promptly convince us to give extra attention to our feet. This is why going to podiatrists for a checkup should never be overlooked or deemed unnecessary. These professionals received specialized training in foot care for a reason. If you notice anything amiss about your feet, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with one.

    Just how important they are is, more or less, expressed in the list we have written below:

    • If your feet are prone to having painful calluses, a foot doctor will be able to give you tips on how to avoid getting them and would suggest footwear that is suitable for you.
    • All types of injuries on the feet, ankles, and lower limbs can be diagnosed and treated by podiatrists. They also advice patients on the best orthotic equipment to use and wear to hasten recovery.
    • Patients with arthritis often have their own foot doctor who offers advice on how to deal with the pain from this very debilitating disorder.
    • A number of common maladies and illnesses can be instantly diagnosed by trained foot doctors. In fact, diagnoses of early symptoms of chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular problems are often done with consultation from a podiatrist.
    • Foot doctors who receive further training in surgery are the only ones authorized to perform podiatric surgeries. These types of surgeries are usually performed in cases of serious leg injuries or foot trauma, as well as in treating some degenerative illnesses.

    If you’re interested in working with a top notch podiatrist, we’ve included some resources below to help you find one:

    1. Dr Scot F Bertolo – Columbus, Oh podiatrists – http://www.urbanpodiatry.com/
    2. Dr Nancy Green – Boston Ma Poditarist – http://nancygreen.com
    3. Dr Steven Ulrey – Miaimi, FL podiatry – www.miamipodiatry.com